Short Courses

Workshops and Short Courses are becoming increasingly important at international conferences to disseminate knowledge. Therefore IMWA 2021 will offer 4 virtual Workshops and Short Courses on Saturday & Sunday.

Please find an overview of these Short Courses below. Further information for each of these can be seen if you click on the Short Course.

Short Courses at IMWA 2021

Short Course 1

Topic: “Biotechnologies for the treatment of mining and metallurgical wastewater on the context of metal recovery”
Presenter: Denys Villa Gomez (University of Queensland, Australia)
Duration: 1 day on Sunday (2021-07-11)

Short Course 2

Topic: “Source apportionment of mine pollution in watersheds: An introduction to the tracer dilution and synoptic sampling approach”
Presenter: Patrick Byrne (Liverpool John Moores University, UK)
Duration: 1 day on Saturday (2021-07-10)

Short Course 3

Topic: “Practical guide to open pit and underground mine water management”
Presenters: Geoff Beale, Martin Williams and Simon Sholl (Piteau Associates)
Duration: 1 day on Sunday (2021-07-11)

Short Course 4

Topic: “Modelling Hydrodynamics and Water Quality of Pit Lakes with PITLAKQ”
Presenter: Mike Müller (Hydrocomputing GmbH & Co. KG, Germany)
Duration: 1,5 days on Saturday & Sunday (2021-07-10 – 2021-07-11)