Short Courses

Workshops and Short Courses are becoming increasingly important at international conferences to disseminate knowledge. Therefore IMWA 2021 will offer 4 virtual Workshops and Short Courses on Saturday & Sunday.

Please find an overview of these Short Courses below. Further information for each of these will be added soon.

Short Courses at IMWA 2021

Short Course 1

Topic: “Biotechnologies for the treatment of mining and metallurgical wastewater on the context of metal recovery”
Presenter: Denys Villa Gomez (University of Queensland, Australia)
Duration: 1 day on Sunday (2021-07-11)

Short Course 2

Topic: “Source apportionment of mine pollution in watersheds: An introduction to the tracer dilution and synoptic sampling approach”
Presenter: Patrick Byrne (Liverpool John Moores University, UK)
Duration: 1 day on Sunday (2021-07-11)

Short Course 3

Topic: “Practical guide to open pit and underground mine water management”
Presenters: Geoff Beale, Martin Williams and Simon Sholl (Piteau Associates)
Duration: 1 day on Sunday (2021-07-11)

Short Course 4

Topic: “Modelling Hydrodynamics and Water Quality of Pit Lakes with PITLAKQ”
Presenter: Mike Müller (Hydrocomputing GmbH & Co. KG, Germany)
Duration: 1,5 days on Saturday & Sunday (2021-07-10 – 2021-07-11)