1 Mine Drainage Chemistry

2 Passive Treatment Innovation, Bio-geochemical Systems

3 Waste Rock &/or Tailings Storage

4 Legacy Mine Impacts, Prediction of Acid Mine Drainage and Metal Leaching (AMD-ML), Clean Up & Rehabilitation

5 Mine Water Treatment Systems

6 Ecology: Opportunities from stabilisation, erosion control, Ecological Indicators for verifying river health (i.e. following interventions) + Design and Management of wetlands to enhance Biodiversity

7 Mine Closure

8 Mine Hydrogeology

9 Cleaning up centuries of pollution: the UK approach to managing abandoned metal mines and mine water – UK focussed special session

10 Cultural & Community Perspectives on Management of Mine Water & Post Mining Landscapes

11 Decarbonisation, Sustainability, Circular Economy in Mine Water Treatment (inc mine water enthalpy & device development), Mine Wastes, sludges (inc valorisation & harvesting) and Mine Sites

12 Mining Operations to Minimise Mine Water Legacy

13 Benefits Enhancement in Mine Water Management